Driver experience

Your business success depends on your drivers focusing on their jobs, not their vehicles. That's why we offer solutions that make the driver experience easier, more satisfying, and safer. While your fleet solutions may vary, one thing remains constant: we have your drivers covered from start to finish.

LeasePlan Online: vehicle ordering, tracking and service

The driver experience starts with easy, online ordering through LeasePlan Online. Your drivers are guided through an ordering process that is unique to your fleet. They can check their order status online and from their mobile device. When the vehicle needs service, LeasePlan reduces downtime and keeps drivers focused on dealing with your customers, not their fleet vehicle.


Keeping your fleet on the road

LeasePlan Online shows drivers the cheapest and closest fuelling stations, and in-network maintenance facilities, while they’re on-the-go. It also offers a convenient way to enter personal mileage, view fuel and maintenance history and more.

Drivers are reminded of their vehicle’s maintenance schedule, so they don’t miss required service. There are also given purchasing tools to get them on their way faster without the hassle of out-of-pocket expenses.

No matter what time of day or night, drivers can call the contact centre to report an accident, schedule a maintenance visit, or find an in-network service shop. Your team's time is important, so we give driver calls first priority and minimize downtime while vehicles are serviced.

With the LeasePlan fuel card, drivers can fill up nearly anywhere. The fuel card is secured with PIN technology ensuring safer - and faster - transactions at the pump.


Keeping your drivers safe

Active prevention programs For safer drivers and fewer accidents, we offer training programs and real-time coaching with Telematics audible alerts. Easier accident management Accidents do happen, and when they do, we are there for your drivers. All it takes is one call to the 24/7 contact centre, where they can report an accident, arrange a tow, or even source a rental vehicle. LeasePlan's 'no driver left behind' policy means we do anything within our power to ensure a driver is never left in an unsafe environment.

Keeping your fleet compliant

Taxable benefit reporting With LeasePlan Online on their mobile phone, or with a call, drivers can easily report personal mileage to comply with tax requirements. Registration renewal Keep your drivers on the road—and out of the long line at the local ministry office. We can handle all the renewal details and alert drivers before registration expires. If inspections are needed, we make it easy to submit them online to speed up the process.


Easier vehicle turn-in

At the end of a lease period, we make it easy for drivers to return their vehicles. LeasePlan’s remarketing program sells your vehicles faster—in ten to fourteen days on average, instead of 25 days with traditional auctions. We also let you give your employees the extra “perk” of being able to purchase their used vehicle.

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