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Best EV-car

The development of electric cars in recent years has been explosive. There are many reasons why companies should choose an electric car as a leasing car.

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Best SUV

SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is a large passenger car with either five or seven-seats. If you mix an off-road vehicle with the comfort of a car, the result is an SUV in different sizes. Interest in SUVs has increased dramatically in recent years.

Best hybrid-car

A hybrid car is a car that has one or more sources of power to propel the car forward. The most common combination for a hybrid car is currently an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The first mass-produced hybrid car was the Toyota Prius.

Best LCV

If you or your company need to transport everything from tools, materials to packages, it is a van that you should have. The advantage of vans is that you can adapt the interior to your needs so that you can use the car's facilities and space to the max.

Best station wagon and family car

A good family car must be reliable so that no unnecessary stops occur. The requirements for what a family car should contain are endless, but there are needs that are requested more often than others.

Best small car

Myths that smaller cars would be more unsafe than a larger car are history. Today's small cars do very well in crash tests and with each passing year they become safer and more secure. There are many reasons to choose a smaller car.