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During the first 3 years your leased car is covered by half-insurance via LeasePlan as well as a own damage (CASCO) guarantee via the respective manufacturer.

When repairing damage covered by the CASCO guarantee, you as the lessee pay the manufacturer's deductible. In some cases, the deductible is over SEK 10,000.

Via the link below, you can see what your deductible looks like:

List - carriage damage

We offer you as a private leasing customer a deductible reduction which means that you pay 5% of a price base amount instead of the deductible for carriage damage. The price base amount is set annually by the government.

The reduction means that you as a customer in 2023 pay SEK 2,675 instead of the respective manufacturer's deductible.

The cost of the deductible reduction is SEK 199/month, which is added to your leasing cost. If you have an active car, the cost is added when the reduction starts to apply (read more about it when you apply). If you have a car on order, the cost starts when you pick up your car.

Are you interested? In that case, fill in the application, which you can access via the link below:

Application for additional deductible reduction (SWE)

Then send the application to

Read more about deductible reduction for own damage warranty below:

Deductible reduction for own damage guarante (SWE)

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