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Summer driving checklist

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Summer is around the corner and if you’re thinking of heading off on a road trip, first make sure your car is summer ready!
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Higher temperatures and more dust and dirt can take a toll on your car. And, while the days are longer and people are feeling more relaxed, summer is the most dangerous time to be on the road. With the most accidents occurring during summer months it’s important you stay on top of your car’s maintenance and stay focused when driving. A well maintained car helps keep you, your family and other road users safe.

Your summer vehicle checklist:

  1. Fluid levels

    Checking your car’s fluid levels should be done every few months and is important to do before heading off on a longer trip. Remember to check the coolant, engine oil and windscreen wiper fluid.

  2. Tyres

    With summer almost here you shouldn’t be driving with winter tyres any longer. If your car still has winter tyres, book your tyre change asap! Regularly checking your tyres is important all year round and especially in summer. The heat can cause over inflation and put you at risk of a blowout. Check both your pressure and tread before heading off on any long trips.

  3. Summer car kit

    You should always have a standard kit in your car with a warning triangle, reflective jacket, first aid kit, phone charger, blanket and your car’s registration documents. For summer make sure you always have plenty of water, sunglasses, sunscreen, sunshades and some non-perishable food in car.

  4. Windscreen wipers

    While rain can be a rare sight in summer it’s still important to check your wipers and make sure they’re in the best shape for any summer rainstorms. Summer is also a notorious time for bugs and other insects. Keep your windscreen and lights clean and free of bugs so you always have good visibility.

  5. Air conditioner

    With the hot days starting don’t be tempted to turn you’re A/C all the way up. Having such an extreme difference between the outside temperature and the temperature in your car can be detrimental to your health and you might end up with a nasty summer cold. Try keeping the temperature between 20-23 degrees.

If you drive a LeasePlan vehicle you can schedule any repairs, maintenance or tyre appointments with us. Just contact us via My LeasePlan or by phone.

Published at June 14, 2022
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June 14, 2022
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