Maintenance, repairs and tyres

Practical tips for taking good care of your car

A little attention goes a long way! Discover the best way to take care of your car – from regular maintenance and repairs to seasonal tyre changes.



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The right tyres for any kind of weather

For optimal driving all year round, the right tyres make all the difference. Our tyre change services make sure you’ve got the tyres you need. To tackle this season’s weather and road conditions. Safely.

Tyre management

Between 1 November and 31 March, you should have your vehicle fitted with winter tyres.

Hence, your vehicle should be fitted with winter tyres no later than 31 October, while summer tyres will be fitted starting 1 April.

LeasePlan provides you with a tyre management service on top of your fleet management service, including the following:

  • replacement of a specified number of tyres which are compliant with the technical specifications, size and wheel balancing requirements of your vehicle’s manufacturer
  • storage*, when your agreement with us provides for such service.

When you go to the repair shop, please keep at hand your LeasePlan client card and the handover sheet signed on any previous tyre replacement (if any).

What you should do to have your tyres replaced:

For any current or future seasonal tyre replacement services, please contact the repair shop we have recommended.

The tyre handover sheet will mandatorily indicate:

  • the vehicle’s license number,
  • mileage,
  • serial identification number, make, type and size of tyres handed over and the assessment of tyre wear and tear (when appropriate)

Be careful! LeasePlan will not cover costs associated with inappropriate use, unfair wear and tear or damage.

For further information on tyre management please call us on +40 21 407 21 31.

* If relocation of tyres in storage is needed, the client will bear associated transport costs.


    For ideal performance, check your tyre pressure every two months.

Make an appointment for repairs

Pick the option that’s best for you:

Replacement vehicle

  • Your vehicle is being serviced or repaired? LeasePlan will provide you with a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.
Providing a replacement vehicle is a service included to ensure driver mobility when you opt for operational leasing and fleet management with LeasePlan.

LeasePlan will take care of any booking arrangements in order to provide you with another similar vehicle.

How you can get a replacement vehicle:
  • with the approval of your carfleet manager, you can contact us by phone/e-mail in order to request a replacement vehicle
  • we will confirm the availability of a replacement vehicle and establish by mutual agreement the time, date and place where your replacement vehicle will be delivered

Any replacement vehicle shall be delivered subject to the signing of a handover sheet. Upon return, the replacement vehicle shall be in the same condition and have the same amount of fuel as at the time of the handover.


Never forget to sign the handover sheet upon receipt and return of the replacement vehicle!

For further information on replacement vehicles, you can contact us on 021 407 21 31.

Have more questions? We’re here to help!

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Driver Contact - Call +40 21 4072131

Monday until Friday from 09:00 to 17:30.