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If you’re involved in an accident or breakdown, your safety is our top priority. Use the information below to get the help you need, fast.

Our fleet management and operational leasing services include road assistance, so LeasePlan will take care of everything with just one phone call: we will make transport arrangements for you and your passengers and supervise the towing of your vehicle to the nearest repair shop for a maximum distance of 200 km (round trip). Extra round trip mileage is invoiced at a rate of 0.35 EUR/km + VAT.

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Call Roadside Assistance service: +031 42 50 500

You can call LeasePlan Road Assistance 7 days / 7, 24 /24,

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What to do in case of crash / damaged while parked:

  1. What you should do in case of accidents:

    Whenever your vehicle is so badly damaged that you are no longer able to drive it please call LeasePlan Road Assistance on 031 42 50 500.

    Amicable accident reporting: 

    The procedure applies in case of minor accidents, where no more than 2 vehicles are involved and no persons are injured.

    • The LeasePlan guide you received comprises the amicable accident report as well as information on how to fill out the report
    • Only sign the amicable accident report if the description accurately fits the circumstances of the accident

      If you don’t sign the amicable accident report, go to the nearest police station which holds jurisdiction over your claim within 24 hours from the accident to get the following documents:

    • the document issued by competent authorities concerning the causes and circumstances of the accident
    • a copy of the third party liability insurance policy of the other vehicle involved in the accident
    • the vehicle repair approval
  2. Make sure you have complete information about the event

    First notification of loss implies the following pieces of information about the event provided by completing the damage questionnaire here.

    • The ID card of the driver / user;
    • Driving license of the person who drove the damaged vehicle;
    • Car registration certificate;
    • Amicable Accident Report / Police Report / Report Authorization (if any);
    • Guilty part documents (if the person responsible for the event is an identified third party): ID card, Driver's license, Registration certificate, RCA policy (if any)

    THE DOCUMENTS MENTIONED ABOVE WILL BE MADE PHOTOGRAPHS AND LOADED IN ONE STEP FROM THE PROCESSIn order to be able to identify the insured property and the damage caused by an event, the following photos will be necessary (they will be selected from the device's memory or they will be taken on the spot and uploaded in a later step):

    • Front right
    • Front left
    • Back right
    • Rear left
    • Car mileage
    • Chassis number (windshield / left front pillar
    • Damages (overview followed by some detailed photos for each damaged element
  3. Assessment and repair
    • After providing this information, you will be contacted by the insurance company to set together the date and time of damage inspection; you will also receive all the needed details for damage inspection;
    • After receiving the Inspection note and/or Repair starting document from the insurance company, the user may contact the service shop to set an appointment.

    See here the Own Damage Insurance Terms.

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