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Whatever your business, you’ll always find the car that suits you perfectly at LeasePlan. Including electric cars! They’re quieter, easier to maintain and better for the environment. Using the LeasePlan All-in solution, it’s a step you can take quickly, efficiently and without getting tangled up in administrative fuss and bother. We select the electric cars that best suit the needs of your drivers and which offer good recharging options, both at home and at work. Invoicing is via a simple, clear, centralised billing system. If you need extra assistance, the LeasePlan team is here to help. Any time, any place.

Surprisingly affordable

Electric cars come with tax breaks and the electricity you use is a good deal less expensive than fossil fuels. Electric cars also require less maintenance, saving you time and hassle.

    Tax incentives

    For the acquisition of the electrified vehicles the local government offers the following subsidies: 45.000 LEI for EV (around 9.000 EUR) and 20.000 LEI for PHEV (around 4.000 EUR). There are also tax benefits such exemptions from the annual circulation tax. 

    Charging points

    There are around 900 charging points across the country and there are ongoing plans to develop more at the initiative of both private and public actors.

    Low cost energy

    The cost of charging EVs is very low compared to refuelling traditional vehicles. There are also private initiatives which offer free of charge energy for the EVs at their charging points. 

Electric driving in 3 steps

We simplify the transition to e-mobility for you


First step

You choose an electric car that perfectly matches your specific needs. Configure your car or select an advantageous, preconfigured electric one.


Second step 

You pick the charging solution that works best. We offer charging solutions at home, at the office and at public charging stations.


Third step

LeasePlan professionals will support you and will simplify your transition to electric mobility for a cleaner, greener and quieter environment.

Home charging

Charging your electric vehicle at home is the height of convenience. If you need to arrange a charging solution at home, we will be happy to get you moving.

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