Corporate Responsibility

Social responsibility is part of what we do in our business every day.

Responsible business

We are permanently striving to be a responsible business. Responsibility is central in our focus on our business, customers and employees.

We like to keep our responsible business strategy simple and straightforward; we focus on the things that really matter to us and we are doing these things very well.

Being a responsible business is a continuous commitment that we need to keep working at. Some of the areas we work on include:

Commitment to our customers

Our commitment to our customers is central to how we do business. Being a responsible business means listening to what our customers have to say and doing what is right for them. We conduct a customer satisfaction survey once a year to make our customer relationships stronger.

Taking care of the environment

We have ISO140001 certification and we improve what we do to reduce our impact on the environment. By constantly implementing environmental management systems, we show our customers and the entire community that we care for the environment and make it one of our top priorities.

Quality management

By implementing a quality management system, we aim at permanently improving our business and provide services that meet both customer and legal requirements. Our ISO9001 certification is proof of our focus on providing high quality services.

Career development

"Our organisational performance is closely connected with successful talent management, as well as with the recruitment and retention of valuable resources. We are in great need of capable employees who make a difference with their keen vision, quick response, creative approach, and cultural flexibility. LeasePlan has devised a long-term strategy that generates benefits for the organisation as a whole as well as for each individual employee, as a result of our ability to identify and retain key talent that gives us a competitive edge. Since there is hardly any one-size-fits-all recipe for success in an otherwise extremely dynamic market, what we have to do is to try to continuously adjust to the demands of our business environment as well as to our employees’ need for professional development, thus fostering employee commitment to our company’s objectives and values.

LeasePlan motivates, inspires, and provides all the necessary conditions required for the development of the professional skills and competencies of our employees. Our organisational culture focuses on nurturing in-house talent, with increasingly more employees being able to build a successful career with LeasePlan; those employees who are high achievers and have a say in the growth of our organisation are critical members of the LeasePlan team, genuine specialists in their own fields of expertise, and high-potential talent."