What's next in EV's

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At LeasePlan, our mission is to provide you with What’s next in sustainable mobility, so our customers and prospects can focus on What’s next for them – and that’s why we’d like to invite you to What’s next in EVs.​
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The event will feature an industry update with Robert Llewellyn of Fully Charged, the world’s no. 1 clean energy and EV show, as well as LeasePlan’s Chief Commercial Officer, Berno Kleinherenbrink. 

You can also expect valuable advice for fleet managers on maturing EV markets, from the Managing Director of LeasePlan Greece.  

This is your chance to get in the driver’s seat and learn everything you need to know about fleet electrification in 2022 and discover the most exciting new technologies and models out there.  

You’ll also find out which of the 22 countries analysed are leading the EV revolution with an in-depth look at our 2022 EV Readiness Index.  

We look forward to sharing the future of EVs with you! 

Register for the event here
Julkaistu 6. toukokuuta 2022

6. toukokuuta 2022
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