Internet quotations

You have to replace company cars and you look for the kind of vehicle that can fit in your budget? By using our internet-based calculator you receive your offer after pressing a few keys. You have the possibility to compare several models immediately and select the best one.


How can a vehicle user use Internet Quotations?

  • The system contains the full passenger car and light commercial vehicle portfolio with list price, registration tax, most important technical data (e.g. KW/HP/CO2/fuel consumption) and price of base and extra options
  • To find the best solution the system can compare the monthly fee and fuel cost of the different models with only a few clicks
  • Models can be filtered through desired parameters
  • Photos of all vehicles are available to support decision

How can a company management use Internet Quotations?

  • Different filters, selection rights can be set for the different employee positions
  • Guidelines set in the Car Policy can be applied in the system (e.g. for a given employee group the system can limit the lease term/mileage or the available brands)

How can you use the tool?

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Clients having no password should call our Customer Service on +36 1 236 3636 phone number.

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  • This Online tools are available only for LeasePlan clients. Thank you for understanding!

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