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Pothole damage insurance

There may be damage to the vehicle due to minor or major road jams (potholes) on roads. In many cases, these damages do not reach the level of casco insurance, but it is good to know that it is also possible to cover this type of injury covered by the collision of the vehicle's chassis and its accessories (including the tire) or injuries to the steering wheel and its accessories too.

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Luggage Insurance

The addition of the Fleet Casco to the driver and passenger baggage is valid for theft, faults or fractures.

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Rodent damage insurance

The insurance covers damages caused by rodents on equipment, parts and accessories in the vehicle's engine area, which affects the operation of the car.

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Self-Repairing Windscreen Damage Insurance

If the windscreen provided by the insured vehicle can not be repaired and replaced due to breakage / cracking / peeling, the insurance company will not deduct the 10% share from the windshield price.

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