Applications for LeasePlan Suppliers

LeasePlan gives all its suppliers access to online applications that make day-to-day management easier.

Find out how to arrange maintenance services or vehicle assistance and deal with electronic invoices, among other things.

Order management system

With this platform, it is simpler to monitor your interactions with LeasePlan step by step. From ordering to delivering the vehicle, the SGE follows the whole process simply and efficiently.

To get access to the platform or clear up any queries, send us an email.

Service arrangement diary

Use the diary to show your availability and check appointments for services and vehicle assistance of LeasePlan Drivers.

To get access to the platform or clear up any queries, call 214 468 846.

Automatic transactions, carrying out and invoicing services

The SIM and Invoice Ready platforms help you to carry out and invoice services. They make it simpler to make requests for authorisation to carry out services. And they make invoice requests easier and quicker.

To get access to the platforms or to clear up any queries, call 214 468 846.

Isolated glass breakage cover report

Access the report – available on the FleetReporting application – to check on isolated glass breakage insurance cover for the LeasePlan fleet.

    Support line for Suppliers

    For more information, contact us on the Support Line for Suppliers 214 468 846 or via email.

    See the Code of Conduct for Suppliers >