Used Vehicle Warranty

A warranty for buyers, peace of mind for sellers.

For a professional, having a LeasePlan Used Vehicle Warranty means having the assurance of a leading partner in car fleet management and renting. How could there be a better warranty than this?

Breakdown on side of road - woman carrying orange triangle low

Satisfaction? It's guaranteed.

Would you like an unexpected event-proof service – and with the professional follow-up that guarantees your customers' satisfaction?

You can count on a Road Assistance service that includes:

And also:

Solidity, know-how and flexibility.

Solidity, know-how and flexibility.

When you sell a used car with a warranty, what's at stake is not just complying with the law. It is also the satisfaction of your customers. The good name of your business. And your guarantee of not having any unforeseen events – or unexpected costs.

That's why it's best to choose the LeasePlan Used Vehicle Warranty – and rely on a partner which is, in itself, a guarantee. A partner that provides you with:

•The financial solidity to be around whenever you need it •The size, know-how and response capacity that only the leader in fleet management can guarantee •And more than 60 years’ experience of a company which manages thousands of vehicles in Portugal

What's included:

  • Repair of mechanical, electrical or electronic faults – transferring all the risks and costs to LeasePlan.
  • Road Assistance Service: includes breakdown assistance and towing of the vehicle to the closest network workshop, transport of the vehicle and occupants.
  • Replacement Vehicle - whenever the vehicle is immobilised at a workshop.

What is not included:

  • Natural wear and tear caused by the use of the vehicle.
  • Preventive interventions.

And peace of mind for sellers!

  1. Ask question_LOpting for the LeasePlan Used Vehicle Warranty is not just about giving more guarantees to your customers. It is also about having a partner who assures you:
  2. Happy Customer_LAnd, if you wish, LeasePlan can do even more for you:

Discover all the benefits and advantages of being a LeasePlan Partner:


  • DIGITAL PLATFORMSimulation of Amounts + Issuance of Warranties + Portfolio Management
  • LEASEPLAN TOP MANAGEMENTWith a specialised team and permanent commercial follow-up
  • WORKSHOP NETWORK WITH NATIONAL COVERAGEShared with the LeasePlan renting fleet (more than 100,000 vehicles under management)
  • EXCLUSIVE PHONE LINEFor Used Car Warranty contracts
  • 24 HOUR ROAD ASSISTANCETowed to the nearest workshop


  • EXTRA WARRANTYNo intervention ceiling for vehicles up to 7 years old or 180,000 km
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGEIncludes all mechanical, electrical and electronic components/parts liable to break down
  • INTERNATIONAL COVERAGEBy issuing an invoice in the name of and with the taxpayer number of LeasePlan
  • REPLACEMENT VEHICLESFor 8 days, owing to breakdown

A reliable partner

  • 10% DISCOUNTFrom the amount stated in the table for LeasePlan vehicles – upon 1st registration
  • PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSAccess to the history of interventions recorded by LeasePlan
  • POSSIBILITY OF CHOOSING THE WORKSHOPSPartner and/or Recommended Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions about the Used Car Warranty

When is it triggered? • After the end of the manufacturer's warranty. • For vehicles which are more than 24 months old, and which are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the activation date is the warranty subscription date. Which vehicles can sign up? • During the factory warranty period: vehicles on the road for less than 3 years, up to 180,000 km. • After the end of the contractual factory warranty: vehicles on the road between 2 and 12 years, up to 240,000 km. What are the terms of subscription? • Vehicles on the road up to a limit of 12 years or 240,000 km • Subscription from 1 month to 3 years, with the payment of the IUC (road fund tax), as well as the submission of the legally required documentation for • Mandatory service – carried out at the point of sale, if the vehicle's maintenance plan does not meet the manufacturer's criteria, a service equivalent to the last missing service will be carried out. How to keep the Used Car Warranty valid? • Comply with the Maintenance Plan in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. • Have a completed, stamped Service Book and respective invoices. • Ensure that the deviation from the kilometrage or time stipulated by the manufacturer for maintenance is 3,000 km or 30 days. What is the expiry date of the Used Car Warranty? • If the Terms of Warranty are not met by the Customer or there is negligence. • If the vehicle suffers a total write-off or is withdrawn from service. • If the term stipulated in the Warranty Certificate has expired. • In the event of transfer of ownership of the vehicle. How does the road assistance service work? **Towing Service** In the event of a breakdown, accident or dead battery that prevents the vehicle from circulating, transport of the vehicle to a workshop closer to the LeasePlan Network is available. **Long-distance vehicle transport** In the event of a breakdown or accident that prevents the vehicle from circulating, transport of the vehicle to a LeasePlan Network workshop is available. **Transport of vehicle occupants** In the event of a breakdown or accident that prevents the vehicle from circulating, transport for the occupants of the vehicle to the nearest rent a car or home is available. **Replacement vehicle** A Group A replacement vehicle will be assigned, up to a maximum of 8 days, or from another Group subject to availability.

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