Private Lease

What is private lease?

Operational leasing is a mobility solution in which you use your chosen car for a fixed monthly fee, including the costs of the services.

So, whether it's a spacious SUV or a dynamic city car, for long trips or just to run errands, you can drive the perfect car for your lifestyle - stress-free! - with LeasePlan's private lease. Insurance, maintenance, tyres, and repairs are all included in the monthly fee.

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What is included in a private lease deal?

Are the cars always new? We have new cars available, but also options for [used car leasing.](targetSelf:/en-pt/usedcar-lease/)Does an operational leasing contract require an initial down payment?​ Generally, LeasePlan offers do not require a down payment.Is a credit approval required? Yes, you will need to send us the necessary documentation for a financial assessment to verify your ability to meet your LeasePlan commitment.What is included in the monthly fee? Usually, the monthly lease includes the services the car needs for you to stay safe on the road, such as: - Preventive and corrective maintenance - Insurance - Roadside assistance - Tyres - Replacement vehicle - Payment of Road Tax - Mandatory Periodic Inspections - Accident management - 24h Support contact - Personalised assistance What is not included in the contract fee? - Fuel or electric energy - Car washing - AdBlue It is possible to include additional services in your contract, such as AdBlue, at an additional cost. What does the insurance cover? Normally, the contracts include a set of coverage: civil liability, damage to own vehicle, financial guarantee (if the vehicle is a total write-off), driver protection, occupant protection, windshield and glass claims, acts of vandalism and natural phenomena, premium full warranty (car damage caused or increased by the driver's careless use) and reconditioning insurance for the sum of 500€ + VAT (intended to protect you upon agreement termination from any costs associated with any damage to the car).

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