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Simplicity at the end of the contract

When your contract finishes, it will be time to say goodbye to your car. Follow the tips below to make the process as simple as possible.

Finish your contract or keep the car you drove!

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If you are looking for an used car, why not buy your own car?
The one you already drove and know - and so make a great deal.
After all, you know better than anyone how much you took care of him.
If you want, you can also buy your car on behalf of a friend or relative.
Have you heard about our pre-inspection service?

Have you heard about our pre-inspection service?

Do you know you can do a damage assessment before returning your car?

When returning the vehicle, at the end of the contract, damage may have occurred that represents costs that we did not expect to find...

So that you don't have any surprises, at LeasePlan, if the driver is interested, we provide a pre-inspection service.

Discover our pre-inspection service.

Problem-free returns in just a few steps

When the time comes to return your car, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Return keys_LPreparing for return
  2. Carreturns_LTwo ways of returning your car

    Return by appointment This method allows you to return vehicles more securely.

    Arrange the delivery of your car at one of the LeasePlan Welcome Centres or collection centres. Waiting for you will be an SGS expert to record any damage, in accordance with the Fair Wear and Tear manuals. And to clear up any questions you may have.

    Choose and arrange the delivery of the car

    Collection of the vehicle at the Customer's residence By this method, any damage is recorded after the vehicle has been collected. There is therefore no guarantee of a face-to-face technical assessment. At the end of your contract, fill in the Return Certificate.

    Your car will be collected from the address you specify and transported to a Welcome Centre where it will be checked for any damage. Note that LeasePlan does not take responsibility for any damage that may occur during the transport of the vehicle.

  3. Checked and Approved_LFinal inspection to check the state of your car

    After return to LeasePlan, all vehicles undergo a detailed inspection by an independent and authorised entity, namely the SGS.

    The SGS expert starts by making sure that the vehicle is duly accompanied by all the documentation, keys and other accessories. At the second stage, they will assess the exterior and interior of the vehicle, documenting acceptable and unacceptable damage.

    Check our Fair Wear and Tear rules to avoid unpleasant surprises later. The rules vary depending on the type of vehicle, and there is a manual for each type:

  4. Money Back__L Damage, costs and final report

    The repair cost is fixed according to the price tables for each make. If the total budget is less than €250, LeasePlan will not charge you anything. But if it is higher, the amount will be charged in full.

    At the end of the inspection, the SGS expert writes a report on the damage to the vehicle, with the types, dimensions and photographic evidence. LeasePlan carries out a final quality control, to make sure that all the rules have been correctly applied. And only then is the report sent to the customer.

Return locations

Arrange the return of your car 48 hours in advance on 800 20 42 98.


Estrada da Outorela 120 2794-052 Carnaxide

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Lisbon (Expo)

Pq. Subterrâneo – Campus da Justiça Avenida Dom João II Lote 1.08.01C 1990-097 Lisboa Lisbon (Expo)

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Rua Telheira 198, Vilar do Paraíso 4405-907 Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto

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  1. Ask question_LTip!

    Report any damage as soon as it occurs. And arrange immediate repair. It's the best way to avoid charges at the end of the contract.

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