International fleet management

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Offices in several countries. An international fleet of cars. Or in desperate need of one. Your focus: ensuring your business stays on the move.

Are we talking about your company?

LeasePlan provides local experience globally, in more than 30 countries worldwide. Providing you with true international fleet management:

  • local experience
  • international implementation and coordination
  • presentation of consolidated data
  • optimization of the entire fleet, including: management and cost reduction, improvement of sustainability, namely the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • perspectives and presentation of consolidated data
  • consultancy services, including fleet cost analysis and advice on meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals

    We will prepare an international fleet plan, with you and especially for you. An end-to-end solution. Always thinking about what’s next. And so, without complications! More time to stay focused on your company's mobility. Let us be your global partner.

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What’s next for International Fleet Management?

  • New perspectives, blogs and useful articles
  • 'Outside-the-box' solutions for the challenges of global supply
  • Sustainability issues and solutions
  • Innovative ways to reduce fleet costs
  • Cutting costs by improving driving behaviour
  • Explore the benefits of harmonising fleets

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