Insurance cover

For your fleet, accidents are a risk in many respects

There is the cost of repairs or deductibles, the expenses of days without transport, the cost of the insurance premium that increases after the accident. Having its insurer, LeasePlan can design an offer tailor-made for you, with competitive premiums and wide-ranging cover. To take the protection of your fleet even further, you can choose additional cover only offered by LeasePlan.

Competitive premiums and wide-ranging protection

Also benefit from simplified processes

With more than 20 years managing vehicle fleets, LeasePlan guarantees you quicker processes, which lead to a reduction in administrative costs and a better driver experience. View some of the benefits:

Do you want to take the protection of your fleet and drivers even further?

Discover 3D cover: the only one that not only protects your fleet when accidents happen, but also helps to prevent them from happening.

And it also saves you time and costs, with quicker management processes.

Reconditioning Insurance

At the end of the contract, how can you be sure that you will return the car in the best condition, without unforeseen costs?

It's easy: with LeasePlan's Reconditioning Insurance. The insurance that covers the costs of repairing damage to the vehicle's interior and exterior at the end of the contract.

Total Guarantee and Premium Total Guarantee

A transparent solution, with a fixed deductible and reduced premium, to protect you in situations where careless use of the vehicle by the driver leads to costs for the business.

This reduces the time the vehicle is grounded, speeds up internal processes and simplifies the discussion about attributing responsibility.

Total Guarantee Brochure

For more information, see the General Insurance Conditions that LeasePlan offers through its Insurer LeasePlan Insurance:

The insurance contract is entered into with LeasePlan Insurance, with headquarters at Block C, Central Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, registered with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority under no. 222.618. Insurance contracts are brokered by Fleet Cover – Sociedade de Mediação de Seguros, Lda., with headquarters at Lagoas Park, Edifício 6, 2740-264 Porto Salvo, registered with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority under no. 407187719.