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The charger can be installed at home or at the office; alternatively, you can use public chargers available on the road.


Charging cable

Electric vehicles come with a cable to connect the car to the charging station. In some cases, you can use whatever is available at the charging station.


Charging card

Identical to a fuel card, to activate charging stations. Is called an EMSP (Electric Mobility Service Provider) card, and is provided by various partners with whom LeasePlan works.

LeasePlan provides the charging solutions you need for your electric cars. At home, on the move and at work. This means you will have a single point of contact for everything involving electric cars.

You can charge your electric car at three different locations: at home, at the office or on the road.

To get an idea of the typical charging profile of an electric car, please see the table below.


1 - Charging at Home

If you want to charge at home, we can help you keep moving.

When can a charging station be installed in a home? How can one be requested?

The type of electrical network, contracted power capacity, connectivity and type of meter are some of the minimum requirements needed to install a charger at home. However, the main conditioning factor for having a charging station at home is the type of parking.

Regardless of where the driver lives, one of the following situations will apply:

2 - Charging at work

Charging your electric car at work has many advantages. For example, the cost of electricity is generally lower than at home or on the road, and it is where we spend the majority of our time.

If you need a charging solution at work, you can count on LeasePlan to put things into motion.

When can a charging station be installed at work? How can one be requested? What does it mean in practical terms? LeasePlan has developed a complete solution. Contact us!

3 - Charging on the road

The EMSP card allows you to charge at any public charging station. To find out the locations of these chargers, simply go to the Mobi.E website, or use apps available on the market, such as the Miio app. LeasePlan will soon be releasing an app that will allow you to charge your vehicle and check the location of public charging stations.

Your charging card gives you access to an extensive network of public charging stations in Portugal. You will always have a charging station nearby!

What types of charging stations are there?

Normal charging

Normal charging stations can charge an electric car, in public or private spaces, at charging speeds of 3.7kW to 22 kW. Costs also vary according to charging speed. Be aware of the maximum charging speed allowed by your car. In other words, if you have a hybrid or electric vehicle which charges up to a maximum of 3.7kW, you should not use a 22 kW station. Apps such as Miio can help you understand which charger is recommended for your vehicle.

Fast charging

Fast charging stations can charge an electric car, in public or private spaces, above 22 kW.

In this case the charging cable is at the station, and you do not need to use the cable that comes with the car. This type of charging, for the most part used for 100% electric vehicles, is ideal for use while travelling, since the charging time is shorter. Nationally, most of these chargers have a charging speed of 50 kW, but there is already equipment available that supports speeds up to 350 kW.

Normal outlet

You can also use the converter that comes with your car to connect to a normal household outlet. In this case, the charging time is quite long, but it is one possibility.

Charging abroad

If you’re going to drive an electric car abroad, be sure to be aware of the country’s charging infrastructures. Make sure your itinerary includes the necessary stops for recharging your car. In addition to the vehicle’s own internal navigation system, there are many apps that can help you arrive at your destination. One example is: A Better Route Planner. In order to charge, you will have to buy special cards or use local apps.

Holiday car

One of the main (potential) concerns of those driving electric vehicles are holidays in faraway locations. Of course, with some planning, travelling to southern Europe in an electric car is completely viable. LeasePlan, however, offers peace of mind with its new service: Holiday car - a fuel-powered car that can be requested for times such as these.

Finding a public charging station near you

How can I charge my electric vehicle?

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