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COVID-19 measures

In view of the current COVID-19 outbreak, LeasePlan Portugal has taken the preventive measures recommended by the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health, and has implemented its Contingency Plan to ensure the safety of its employees, customers and partners. Although we are not in the office, LeasePlan remains in operation.

We have been working internally and with our suppliers to ensure that we will continue to provide the best service possible to keep you safe on the road and contribute to limiting the spread of the virus.

We would like to ask for your cooperation to ensure the greatest and best support possible during these difficult times.

As soon as there are new measures or updates on our services, you can find them here.

Vehicle service requests

If you have critical mobility needs i.e., vehicle breakdown, require accident management or need legally required technical inspections (periodic MOT), please contact us via, for immediate assistance as normal.

Given the scenario of quarantine and state of emergency decreed by the Portuguese State, travels should be limited and short, as you should remain at home as much as possible. In addition, many workshops will be closed and some spare parts will be unavailable in the coming weeks. Therefore, we ask that you only request assistance in the event of critical repairs, vehicle breakdown and legally required inspections. This will ensure that we keep as many drivers as possible safe on the road.

If your vehicle needs to go to the workshop or if you have any doubts about the urgency of the service you intend to request, please contact us at

Latest information

If there are changes to our services, you can find them here.

Coronavirus Pandemic - Measures for efficient fleet management

The coronavirus turned the world upside down. What can fleet managers do?

LeasePlan has developed a whitepaper on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which includes:

· main advice
· some actions you can take right away
· a positive point of view in the coronavirus crisis.

See whitepaper

Response times

In view of limitations on customer service via telephone, we recommend that our Customers and drivers contact us as much as possible via email:

Finally, we would like to ask for your patience and understanding if response times are longer during this period.

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