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As cool as ever, the Cadillac is not just a car for driving enthusiasts; it’s a vehicle to arrive in. The most successful Caddy, by far, the Escalade clearly lives by that maxim, but there’s a full show-stopping encore to choose from with this iconic American auto brand — including a fulling electric crossover, coming soon.


Cadillac - as cool as ever

Named after Detroit's French founder, the Cadillac was the first American car to win the prestigious Dewar Trophy. In another first, a 1928 Cadillac sedan became the first presidential bulletproof limo (after the US government seized it from the notorious gangster Al Capone). In 1912, the company released the Model Thirty, the car with no crank, setting the stage for less ""cranky"" drivers (not to mention more female ones). Nearly three years later, Cadillac brought the world the V-type, water-cooled, eight-cylinder (V8) engine, which would become the signature of the Cadillac brand. By 1964, everything on your Caddy could be controlled by a thermostat, making it one cool ride indeed.

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