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The Italian racing-car maker would never have dreamt that his innovative creation would live on as a feisty and affordable personal vehicle. Carlo Abarth democratised the racing-car industry by modifying and upgrading small Fiat cars, leaving an indelible mark on international motoring. Especially for the stylish speed lovers, we have three, high-performing Abarth models.


Abarth - proud of its racing roots

Founded in Bologna in 1949, Abarth was the lovechild of car and motorcycle racing fanatic Carlo Abarth, who christened the logo with his star sign - Scorpio. Abarth brought the thrill of racing to the masses with classics like the 205A and the Spider. In the 1970s Abarth was taken over by Fiat and lived on as Fiat Group's racing department until 2007 when it was reinstated as an independent car brand. In keeping with the founder’s intention, Abarth cars are high-performing and powerful, but first and foremost small and agile, just like the Scorpion.

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