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What's best for your company?

When you're thinking about buying a car, you’ll find proposals with an attractive monthly rent. However, if you analyse more closely, you will understand that the offers do not include the clear majority of the costs that are included in operational leasing. 

From helping to maintain your company’s liquidity to the possibility of always driving the latest model, operational leasing affords many advantages over buying.

All benefits at a glance

Are you undecided about whether to hire an operational leasing service or buy a car? We have listed the benefits for both options to help you. Find out what works best for your business.

The benefits of leasing

Operational leasing means less work and more cost control and forecasting.

  • Services, insurance and roadside assistance included
  • A fixed all-in monthly fee
  • A new car with every contract
  • Flexible contracts
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Online tools
  • 24-hour assistance service

Buying a new car

Buying a car means there are some financial risks to keep in mind.

  • The car is yours
  • Profits from car sales are yours to keep
  • Unpredictable costs
  • High devaluation in the first few years
  • High initial purchase effort
  • Paperwork involved with the car(s) management


    Operational Leasing You don’t need to make a down payment and the fixed monthly fee includes costs such as insurance, maintenance, tyres or road assistance. The only extra cost that you’ll be paying for? Fuel. Besides that, you benefit from the negotiation power of LeasePlan which, when negotiating bulk purchases with the car manufacturing makes, obtains economies of scale which result in more attractive monthly fees. With operational leasing, you don’t own the car. You are only paying to use it for a fixed period.

    Buying When you buy, you pay the full amount or a down payment on the car. You will also need to include in your budget regular costs such as insurance, taxes and annual maintenance. Moreover, you’ll have to cover any unpredictable expenses such as repairs, tires, fuel or any other cost that may arise. When you sell the car, the money is yours.


    Operational Leasing With operational leasing you always have the flexibility to adjust the terms of your contract according to your requirements and, whenever you renew it, you can choose a new, more recent model. And as it does not require any down payment, it means there’ll be more financial availability for other needs of your company.

    Buying Buying a car for your company does not involve any contract. And you have the flexibility to sell it whenever you want.


    Operational Leasing The operational leasing service frees up time and money to focus on your business. Once you have signed the contract, you only have to worry about paying the monthly fee. We deal with the management, maintenance and we also share ideas about how to get the most out of your cars.

    Buying When you own the cars, you need time for additional administrative tasks, such as the management or programming of maintenance and repairs.

Calculate the costs

If you buy a car, you’ll certainly consider the basic costs. Like interest, value, insurance and taxes. But what about repairs, maintenance, tyres and other unexpected costs?

Leasing includes all that and more, for a fixed monthly fee. But don’t take our word for it! Compare the costs for yourself.

    And do you know the differences between operational leasing and leasing?

    It is a topic that raises many doubts. Therefore, we are here to help you to know the differences! Learn more about operational leasing or leasing.

    And if you fall in love with the car you drive during the contract and never want to part with it again, you won't have to.

    You can buy it at the end of the contract at market value.

Find your next business car

We have selected some of the special offers on company cars for leasing.

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