Operational leasing advantages

Operational leasing is the ideal mobility solution for you and for your business. With all the advantages of having a new car, without the disadvantages of having to buy it. With the LeasePlan operational leasing, having a car is not only quicker and more economic. It also affords you peace of mind throughout the contract. Why buy and have to deal with everything if, for a fixed monthly fee, LeasePlan can deal with everything for you?

How does operational leasing benefits me or my company?

  1. No down payment

    You can enjoy a new car without needing to make a large initial financial effort, always driving a new model, fresh off the stand, under each contract.

  2. Cost control and forecasting

    Besides not having to worry about the fixed costs of using a car, such as maintenance or insurance, with operational leasing you can also rest easy about any unexpected costs that may arise.

    For example, if there is a tire replacement or a breakdown, you won't have to pay anything extra. Everything is included in the monthly fee.

  3. Liquidity

    Operational leasing allows the maintenance of financial availability to meet other more profitable investments or expenses, enabling the improved profitability of your company.

    For example, when a small florist’s firm needs to change its delivery car, rather than investing €12,000 in the purchase of a new car (taking capital out of the company), it can enter an operational leasing contract. In this way, the financial capacity of your company is not reduced and you can keep the capital available to cater for your needs.

  4. Less worries, more free time

    Under operational leasing contracts all you have to worry about is the car you choose, the term of the contract and the number of kilometres you wish to drive. LeasePlan carries out all operations related with the management of your car, releasing you from all your concerns and allowing you to spend your time on what you like doing most!

  5. Risk reduction

    Hiring an operational leasing service does not entail any risk related with car ownership. Any costs incurred by services, tires, insurance or replacement car are the responsibility of LeasePlan. You won’t have any unexpected expenses!

  6. Simplicity

    One single monthly payment and one single invoice which includes all the costs associated with car usage.

  7. Less paperwork

    A small business needs to focus on the priorities of the company instead of managing matters related with the car. LeasePlan carries out all the operations related with the management of the costs of using your car, making it worry-free and allowing you to spend your time on things that really matter to your business.

    Did you know that, on average, with a 48-month operational leasing arrangement you can free up to 12 full days’ work just in administrative tasks related with the management of the car?

  8. Employee satisfaction

    The all-in service that affords freedom and flexibility to its employees who will always drive the latest and safest cars.

  9. Sustainability of the planet

    By always driving new models with state-of-the-art technology, which meet the latest environmental standards and are environmentally-friendly, you will be helping to reduce air and sound pollution and CO2 emissions.

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