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What's best for you?

Having a car is a important for many - but should you lease or buy when it is time for a new car?

Owning the cars is often the preferred choice. But what pays off? Are you looking to free up capital? Drive the latest model? Then you should consider leasing as a solution for your.

All benefits at a glance

Check out the differences and see what suits your business the best.

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The benefits of leasing

  • You don't have to tie up capital
  • Easy to budget: a predictable monthly cost per car
  • No need to worry about service and maintenance
  • A brand new car every time
  • You don't have to sell the car yourself

The advantages of buying

  • You own the car
  • No monthly lease invoices
  • You can choose how long you want the car
  • When you sell the car, the money is yours


    Leasing With leasing you do not own the car. You only pay to use it for a fixed period. The predictable monthly costs include service and maintenance and you can also include insurance. The only extra cost is fuel.

    Buying When you buy the car, you have to finance the car with your own funds and you own it completely. You only get the discount you can negotiate yourself. You have to budget for common costs such as insurance, taxes, service and maintenance. Plus you have to pay for fuel of course. You do not know what the car has cost you before it is sold, but then the money you get is yours.


    Leasing Leasing requires you to commit to a contract, most commonly being 2-4 years. The advantage is that you can switch to the latest model every time you renew. At LeasePlan you can also freely choose car brand, model, color and equipment, since we are brand-neutral. And because you don't buy the car, you can free up capital for other needs.

    Buying Buying a car means you can choose what car you want, regardless of brand, model, color and equipment. The price is the only limitation. You can also buy or sell whenever you want.


    Leasing Leasing frees up time so you can focus on what you are best at - enjoy the car! The only thing you have to do is pay the monthly invoice and take the car to scheduled service when it is set up. LeasePlan reports and guides you about the car if there is a need for contract changes, for example.

    Buying When you own your car, you can use it as you like. But you also have to set aside time for several tasks around the car management. For example, insurance, financing requirement and follow-up on service and maintenance.

Calculate the costs

If you buy a car, you’ll certainly consider the basic costs. Like interest, value, insurance and taxes. But what about repairs, maintenance, tyres and other unexpected costs?

Leasing includes all that and more, for a fixed monthly fee. But don’t take our word for it! Compare the costs for yourself.

Do you prefer to buy?

New isn't the only option we have! Buy a used car that drives like new.

New isn't the only option we have! Buy a used car that drives like new.

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