Know Your Customer

All financial institutions are legally required to have a good understanding of their current and potential customers. It is important to know who owns or controls a company to ensure compliance with regulations such as anti-money laundering laws. This is often referred to as the KYC (Know Your Customer) principle. In line with industry guidelines, LeasePlan will implement a KYC process that ensures improved customer understanding and digitally traceable documentation.

Why do we perform a KYC process?

It is a regulatory requirement for financial institutions to know their customers and their business purposes. In addition, we must be able to demonstrate to regulatory authorities that we meet the legal requirements for customer identification and ongoing customer relationship management.

What do we use the information for?

The main purpose of this process is to gather information about our customers to identify and reduce risks such as money laundering, financing of terrorism, and other illegal activities. It creates predictability and security in business relationships, and we avoid significant risks of financial crime in society.

Do you, as a customer, need to respond?

Yes, it is important that you, as a customer, answer the questions you receive from us in this regard. You may be asked to submit documentation for your answers, and we will process this information in accordance with applicable guidelines to ensure your identity. All our customers will be regularly asked to respond and provide documentation for what we inquire about. In the most extreme case, failure to respond or provide documentation may lead to the termination of the customer relationship.


If you have any questions, please contact your Account manager.