SafePlan Zero

Together towards zero serious traffic injuries in 2030

LeasePlan has a strong ambition: "Zero serious road injuries by 2030".

Driving a car is a big risk, especially for professional drivers. Even if fewer injuries are reported, the average compensation increases. The reason is, among other things, increased repair costs, more advanced cars with new technology and more expensive cars. In addition, the insurance industry sees that newer cars often have many technological "gadgets" that distract drivers behind the wheel. This leads to many cases of unnecessary damage.

In LeasePlan, we want to make our fleet the safest in the industry. To realize our zero vision, we have developed SafePlan Zero, which we offer our leasing and insurance customers. With SafePlan Zero, we help you as a customer to make your fleet more safe through a 4-step model:

SafePlan Zero provides guidance and support, as well as practical tools to take advantage of the simple benefits and handle the more challenging security risks.

When implementing SafePlan Zero.....

Through SafePlan Zero, we focus on 3 areas:


Safe fleet

Better monitor your fleet performance and make consious choices like changing your car policy.


Safe driver

Raise the awareness with drivers on the importance of driver safety and facilitate them to improve their driver skills.


Safe vehicle

Looking at smart technologies and making conscious decisions to make your vehicle safer.


Our goal is to make the fleet safer, together with you. Do you want to join? If so, we will start creating a tailor-made plan for your company.