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The way to increased driver safety

The use of Telematics leads to increased driver safety, fewer accident claims and a considerable reduction in fuel consumption and – as a result – CO2 emissions. This is evidenced by LeasePlan’s research and experience following the deployment of telematics in primarily light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and service vehicles in many countries.

A pilot project by LeasePlan Italy held in 2014/2015 confirmed that telematics technology enables risk management, improved driver safety and cost savings to go hand in hand. Compared to 2013, the accident claim frequency of a fleet of 16,000 cars (80% of which were LCVs) equipped with telematics devices decreased by almost one third in 2015.

LeasePlan Spain recently developed a driver application based on telematics data, allowing approximately 7,000 drivers (75% passenger cars, 25% LCVs) to monitor their own driving behaviour. The initial results are promising: a 12% reduction in insurance claims and an 8% reduction in fuel consumption.