Our proposition to clients


At LeasePlan, we are absolutely passionate about cars and about servicing our customers whether corporate, private or SME. This has created a large portfolio of customers on an international and country level that happily outsource their mobility needs to LeasePlan.

We are also taking advantage of disruptions in mobility to expand into areas of the “mobility as a service” segment. For example, we are accelerating our partnerships with ride-hailing firms, using our core competencies to help remain asset-light. We are also building on our success in developing alliances and strategic partnerships with peer-to-peer (P2P) car-sharing firms.

In addition, we are leveraging our strategic competencies and growing digital capabilities to meet stronger demand from SME and private lease markets. At the same time, we are driving sustainability in the industry to become a leader in Electric Vehicles (EVs) by facilitating their adoption by customers and offering more low-emission value propositions.

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