Products and services

products and services

Leasing methods

LeasePlan offers its clients two forms of vehicle leasing: financial leasing and operational leasing. With financial leasing, the client carries the residual value risk of the car or truck. In addition, the vehicle is usually recorded on the client’s balance sheet. With operational leasing, LeasePlan carries the residual value risk and takes legal ownership of the vehicle. Contracts for both types specify the lease period, number of kilometres and payments in addition to other terms.

The cars we drive say a lot about us.

Supported by our commitment to continous innovation and development, clients around the world benefit from the following services through our international network: vehicle purchasing and procurement, vehicle financing, vehicle insurance, vehicle repair, maintenance and tyres, management and pick-up / delivery, cost-control systems and fuel purchase cards, accident management and claims handling, fleet oursourcing, fleet consulting, vehicle remarketing and selling.

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Car sharing

Our capabilities in fleet and risk management, as well as our digital competencies, enable us to support car-sharing platforms. These businesses need access to a pool of high-quality serviced vehicles to achieve growth.

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Cars are a significant source of emissions which, in turn, contribute to global warming. To help minimise emissions from vehicle fleets we actively support innovative ‘green’ mobility solutions and we developed GreenPlan: a global fleet management initiative which encourages our clients to contribute to a greener planet.

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As the third-biggest cost component, it has a substantial impact on clients’ total fleet costs. Therefore, rather than treat it like an add-on, LeasePlan fully integrates it into its fleet management offer. LeasePlan’s 3D fleet insurance product combines three elements: competitive cover, active prevention and easier fleet management.

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LeasePlan notices a growing interest from fleet managers in topics regarding the individual driver, such as safety and driver behaviour. SafePlan is a safe driving programme that LeasePlan offers to help fleet managers in promoting driver safety. Additionally, LeasePlan also provides advice on implementing distracted driving policies.

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LeasePlan provides a range of telematics solutions, covering everything from real-time driver behaviour feedback to planned vehicle maintenance alerts and whole-scale fleet performance. We have strengthened our use of telematics solutions to support fleet managers in improving the performance of their fleet in the areas of cost control, CO2 reduction, driver behaviour, and safety.

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