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3D Coverage fleet insurance

Fleet insurance makes up 10%-15% of a fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership. In order to optimise fleet insurance costs, LeasePlan offers a distinctive approach: 3D Coverage. This service fully integrates fleet insurance into fleet management, thereby providing Competitive Cover, Active Prevention and Easier Fleet Management benefits. It addresses upfront costs, but also indirect costs that arise from accidents and hidden costs generated by process inefficiencies. Hence 3D Coverage ensures total cost control by looking at the extra dimensions of fleet insurance, and through a one-stop-shop approach for drivers and fleet managers, it makes it easier to leaseplan.

Competitive Cover

Competitive Cover is the first dimension of fleet insurance, and can be tailored to the needs of the customer. Companies can choose from a large variety of risk structures and covers that suits their risk appetite, including several ancillary covers designed to maximise fleet cost predictability.

Active Prevention

The second dimension of 3D Coverage is Active Prevention. LeasePlan partners with its clients to deploy prevention programmes that can reduce fleet losses by up to 30%. The benefits are clear: improved driver safety, reduced insurance premiums and increased business continuity. Furthermore, safer driving reduces both fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Easier Fleet Management

The third dimension is Easier Fleet Management. LeasePlan has drawn on decades of experience in both fleet insurance and fleet management to optimise fleet-related processes. Drivers and fleet managers have one single point of contact which improves efficiency by up to 250 EUR per vehicle per annum. LeasePlan coordinates policy issuance, renewal and termination in accordance with the lease terms and, in case of accidents, the inconvenience is minimised by arranging short approval and repair times. Fleet Managers do not have to triangulate between leasing company and insurance company. Drivers are offered LeasePlan’s high level of care and support.