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Our business

What we do

Fleet managers want to ensure their vehicles stay on the road and their fleets are being run efficiently – that’s exactly what LeasePlan does for its clients. As a service integrator, we manage a wide variety of business activities in the automotive value chain.

Independently or through external partners, we perform all the necessary activities to enable our clients to operate a vehicle fleet, from purchasing the vehicles to remarketing them at the end of the lease contract.

So whether you’re an SME or a global operation, we have a solution to suit your needs. From single vehicle leasing to international fleet management, and from fleet insurance to corporate sustainability programmes.

Our services

Tailored leasing services and pricing models

Through our local operating companies, we provide fleet management services in 32 different countries to a wide variety of clients, ranging from large corporations and public-sector entities to SMEs and individual drivers.

Our comprehensive fleet solutions comprise strategic fleet advice, full-service leasing and ancillary fleet and driver services. We offer these as stand-alone services or as service bundles tailored to your needs.

Our full-service offerings include a combination of in-sourced and outsourced solutions and are based on two pricing models: open calculation and closed calculation. We also offer management-only and financing-only solutions.

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LeasePlan clients

With over 50 years’ experience, we are a trusted partner to our clients in the segments International, Corporate, SME and Private Lease. Our approach enables us to provide a consistent, high-quality range of services tailored to their specific needs wherever they are in the world.


Supplier management

We implemented a new global Supplier Code of Conduct that reflects the values and ethical behaviours of our organisation.
LeasePlan leverages its global scale and extensive fleet management knowledge in the areas of fleet purchasing and the supplier selection process. In 2016, we implemented a new global Supplier Code of Conduct that reflects the values and ethical behaviours of our organisation.
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Buying a used vehicle

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LeasePlan sells its leased vehicles when they come to the end of their lease term. Every day we offer to buyers a new selection of vehicles through various channels, including our premium outlets. Buyers around the world can be confident about the quality of LeasePlan's used vehicles. Each vehicle has complete service history and guaranteed mileage and is covered by the LeasePlan Quality Commitment.

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LeasePlan is the only European leasing company to have its returned lease vehicle process TUV certified. Independent inspectors ensure interational Fair Wear & Tear guidelines are met.