Arrange everything for your car

via LeasePlan

Changing tyres? Replace bulb? Plan maintenance? Report damage? You arrange everything for your lease car via LeasePlan. Quick and easy.

What you have to do as a driver

    Use the My LeasePlan app

    You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

    Make an appointment via the Appointment Planner

    Always schedule your appointment via the Appoinment Planner. You can do so via the app or My LeasePlan.

    In case of acute breakdown or doubt

    You can always contact Customer Service on 036-5272727.


What's new?

Thanks to improved agreements with our partners and with more garages in our network, there is always place at an universal garage or brand dealer nearby. From now you can also organise smaller repairs with us. Repairs like replacing a light or refilling oil and coolant.

LeasePlan offers you more benefits:

What do you need as a driver?

All you need is a My LeasePlan account. If you don't have an account yet? Create it right here. So you are ready to go.

Did you know that approximately 3,000 lease drivers use the Appointment Planner?

Create a My LeasePlan account

What should a fleet manager do?

A fleet manager also arranges everything via LeasePlan. Via the Appointment Planner a fleet manager can easily plan maintenance for pool cars.


We work with selected partners

LeasePlan only works with selected, professional garages. That's why we offer the best service. The garages carry out maintenance and repairs that comply with factory regulations and our standards. Need a garage? Thanks to a countrywide coverage, there is always a garage in your area to keep you safely on the road.

Your experience is important We often ask lease drivers for feedback. This way we monitor quality and we always offer you the best service.


The ultimate freedom to drive, even when your car is at the garage

Major repairs take more time. But that doesn't mean you have to change your plans. Depending on your contract, you can also use a replacement car.

Whether you can use the extra service for free is mentioned in your contract.


    Do you have any questions about our service? On the Customer Service page you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers.