Transport Vendors

Driving efficiencies with LeasePlan

LeasePlan recently reviewed our Transportation and Storage service providers with a view to increase transportation capacity in our network, and to improve the transport service experience for you.

  • Increased and improved service capability and experience from our network of vendors

    • Our network now has the capability to transport light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with broad national coverage. All primary vendors can also support license and title services which helps ensure vehicles are properly registered before reaching the drivers (especially for state-to-state changes). Providers are held accountable to service level agreements related to transportation.
  • Frequent monitoring and analysis of vendor performance

    • Vendors will be providing monthly reporting which will be reviewed by LeasePlan's operational excellence team to identify performance outliers and provide support as issues/challenges arise.
  • Quarterly vendor performance review to ensure service consistency

    • LeasePlan's operational excellence team is building a strong relationship with each vendor to encourage the partnership for the success of all parties - clients, vendors and LeasePlan. The quarterly reviews will include wins and opportunities for improvement when SLA measurements are not met.
  • Standardized pricing

  • Streamlined quoting process

The primary vendors listed below ranked as the top 4 out of over a dozen vendors.

We understand that you may have a pre-existing provider for these services and we will continue to support your transportation needs. However, wherever possible, we strongly encourage you to leverage our primary vendors that we feel can provide the best holistic offering in terms of price, time and service level.


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