Driver Resources

TollPlan Fleet Toll Program

Your company's fleet department is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive services in an effort to make it safer and easier for you to operate your company vehicle.

In keeping with that goal, LeasePlan is excited to announce a new toll program that will support all of your toll payment needs.

Existing Toll Accounts

If your license plate is currently registered with a toll authority, please remove your plate from the account.

Tollway Coverage

Tollway coverage for your fleet vehicle depends on the type of toll program in which your vehicle was enrolled. The toll program (e.g. E-ZPass, FasTrak) is assigned based on your location and is indicated in the welcome letter you received. A list of covered tollways for each toll program is provided below.

Enjoy the freedom of mobility. And please, remember to drive safely.


Discontinuing existing toll accounts

If your plate is currently registered with a toll authority, it is important to remove that plate from its existing account. If you would like to return your transponder, please contact the toll authority that issued your current transponder for return instructions.

California – FasTrak 1-877-229-8655

Colorado – E-470 Express Toll 1-888-946-3470

Northwest Parkway LLC – GO-PASS 302-926-2500

Delaware – E-ZPass 1-888-397-2773

Florida – EPass 1-800-353-7277

LeeWay 239-533-9297

SunPass 1-888-865-5352

Georgia – Peach Pass 1-855-724-7277

Illinois – I-PASS 1-800-824-7277

Indiana – E-ZPass 1-888-496-6690

Maine – E-ZPass 1-888-682-7277

Maryland – E-ZPass 1-888-321-6824

Massachusetts – E-ZPass 1-877-627-7745

New Hampshire – E-ZPass 1-877-643-9727

New Jersey – E-ZPass 1-888-288-6865

NewYork – E-ZPass 1-800-333-8655

Ohio – E-ZPass 1-888-876-7453

Oklahoma – PikePass 1-800-745-3727

Pennsylvania – E-ZPass 1-877-736-6727

Puerto Rico – AutoExpreso 1-888-688-1010

Rhode Island – E-ZPass 1-877-743-9727

Texas – Harris County Toll Road Authority EZ Tag 281-875-3279

North Texas Tollway Authority Toll Tag 972-818-6882

TXTag 1-888-468-9824

Virginia – E-ZPass 1-877-762-7824

Washington – Good To Go! 1-866-936-8246

West Virginia – E-ZPass 1-800-206-6222