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MyLeasePlan App

The new MyLeasePlan app is almost here - and it's better than ever.

We’re happy to help you get your business prepared for the new MyLeasePlan. We’ve included resources here to help you get your drivers acclimated and keep them moving. Please feel free to use the tools provided here to communicate the new update within your organization.

MyLeasePlan lets your drivers save time, close the loop and stay informed every step of the way.

You can also expect for MyLeasePlan to:

  • Empower drivers with Digital Glovebox and Elle
  • Ensure regular maintenance with in-network service locator and more
  • Build excitement for new vehicle with order status updates
  • Help drivers stay on top of registration renewals with in-app reminders and easy document access
  • Save your fleet time with intuitive mileage reporting and vehicle odometer history

Preparing your IT team should be simple

While this update will include some major enhancements to the app, it will be released as a standard update in the App Store and Google Play. Once the new version is available in stores, existing users will be prompted to complete the update prior to accessing MyLeasePlan.

All existing links to the application will remain the same. You should inform your team of the update, letting them know to expect no change on their end.


Contact your account manager

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