Vehicle acquisition & remarketing

With the right tools, identify the most cost-effective and efficient vehicles for your fleet. Keeping operating costs down is critical, so our experts offer transformative analytics and consultation that help you choose the best vehicles for the job, and the right time to replace them.

Vehicle acquisition

  • Smart analytics Analyze your current fleet, with help from our strategic consulting team, to order the right vehicles for your fleet and budget. Our online fleet management tool, ePlan, offers a variety of tools to compare makes, models and pricing.
  • Ease of online ordering Take the administrative burden off your shoulders when you give your drivers the option to order online. Your drivers will choose from a list of vehicles selected by you based on your fleet and budget requirements. Drivers can track their order from production to delivery - online or using our mobile app.
  • Get exactly what you want Select any kind of vehicle, from a Ford to a Tesla, using our expansive network of manufacturers. When you order directly from the manufacturer, you can customize vehicles to your desired specifications. If you have an immediate need, we can locate what you need from dealer inventory. Whichever way you choose, our streamlined ordering and delivery process get your drivers what they need when they need it.
  • Upfit Consultations If your vehicles require upfitting, our upfit and design consultants work with you to create a program to fit your vehicle requirements and budget.

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Vehicle remarketing

Getting the best resale value on fleet vehicles is essential to your remarketing strategy


To set the best price for your vehicles, we use the LeasePlan Market Value Guide, which is based on comprehensive, current, secondary market data.

When your vehicles are ready for the auction block, we focus on the number of potential buyers and not the number of outlets. These strategies have helped us outperform our peer average in the remarketing area every year since 2008, based on quarterly data from Manheim, Inc.

How we remarket your vehicles

Our remarketing experts work to get you the highest return for your vehicles - in the least amount of time through our core channels including:

  • Traditional in-lane auctions
  • Simulcast online auctions to increase the number of bidders
  • Specialty auctions if you need to dispose of salvaged or damaged vehicles
  • Sales directly to your drivers

How we make it easier

  • Fleet resale management is taken off your hands to save you time and money
  • An automated process makes it simple and efficient to sell your vehicles
  • Vehicles are put in front of the right buyer at the right time to maximize resale value
  • Auctions are closely monitored by our experts to ensure your vehicles are well represented

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Upfitting can get complicated, and can include anything from decals and vehicle wrapping to ladder racks and bins. LeasePlan’s fleet experts guide you through building, ordering and financing the most functional vehicle for your business objectives.


Upfit design and consultation

We offer a consultative approach to upfit and design. If a vehicle requires upfitting, our consultants help you identify the upfit package that best suits your fleet needs. Then you choose the right vendor for you from our expansive upfit vendor network. Once you have selected your package, we attach the details to applicable vehicles in your ePlan selector list.

Streamlined vehicle ordering

Once the order is placed, you can track the vehicle order and upfit status online in ePlan. Additionally, the upfit specs remain in the vehicle record to help you make smart fleet decisions when it comes time to sell the unit.

Specialty upfit services

When a vehicle has upfitting, it has specific maintenance needs. We direct the driver to a specialty repair facility that knows just how to handle these vehicles. Maintenance can even be extended to the upfit equipment, if necessary. To avoid unnecessary repair costs, we work with the different upfit vendors and manufacturers of the specialty equipment to make sure warranties are upheld. When your vehicles are ready to come off lease, we use specialty auction sales and remarketing strategies to get the best resale value for your vehicles.

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