Managing your risk & safety

The best way to manage risk is with a holistic approach.

But to find a comprehensive program, you often have to cobble together different options from various providers. With LeasePlan, your fleet can enjoy the benefits of a well-rounded risk management solution from one source.

Active prevention

You can take a proactive approach to preventing accidents with LeasePlan. We work with you to track and measure high-risk drivers and implement well-rounded safety programs. We help you:

  • Prevent accidents through Driver Safety Training
  • Identify your high-risk drivers and assign risk ratings with SafePlan
  • Deter risky behavior behind the wheel with "800 How's My Driving" and Incentive Rewards Programs
  • Keep drivers prepared in the event of an emergency with Vehicle Safety Kits

Complement your commitment to safety

You're constantly in the pursuit of the most effective fleet safety practices, that's why its best to analyze your fleet's policy on a regular basis. At LeasePlan, we work with you to ensure your fleet's policy will help you mitigate risk and lowers exepsense. We can:

  • Perform Safety Policy Audits to identify gaps and improve your fleet policy
  • Help you develop a new fleet policy
  • Revamp your current policy

Easier claim management

When accidents happen, we know better than anyone how to take care of your drivers and manage your costs. And we have decades of experience doing so.

We have an easy accident-reporting process, fast approval times and preferred treatment at our network of repair facilities through our Accident Management program.

Should you be doing more to reduce your fleet's risk?

LeasePlan’s driver safety training courses offer better insight into your employee’s driving skills and reinforce the importance of safe driving. On top of that, each course is designed to correct risky behavior, reduce your accident rates and lower expenses.

Whether your drivers benefit most from online courses, behind-the-wheel instruction, or interactive seminars, we have a solution to fit your driver safety needs.

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