Funding your fleet

Trust LeasePlan’s innovative leasing solutions to help reduce your administrative burden

Flexible vehicle financing

Any leasing program you choose comes with online vehicle ordering and fleet experts to ensure you select the most appropriate vehicles, financing options and replacement schedules. They’re the best in the industry, and they’re intent on making your road to success a smooth one.

Our vehicle leasing solutions include

  • Open-End
  • Closed-End
  • PartnerPlan
  • ComfortPlan

PartnerPlan: redefine fleet leasing

LeasePlan offers a unique lease product that helps eliminate your worries about the uncertainties of managing a fleet – like the fluctuating used-vehicle market. PartnerPlan — a lease type only offered by LeasePlan— is a predictable budgeting solution that makes it easier for your company to plan for fleet expenses.

Choosing PartnerPlan means:

  • One fixed lease and maintenance payment
  • All quotations are transparent
  • Ability to adjust the lease contract to prevent over-mileage charges or under-mileage losses

Own your fleet with LeasePlan by your side

If your company determines that owning your fleet vehicles provides you with more financial benefit, our team of experts can help facilitate the acquisition process.

Through our Purchase & Disposal program, you handle your fleet, but can leverage LeasePlan’s expertise while making the most out of your manufacturer relationships. Take advantage of our online ordering, and then rely on LeasePlan’s remarketing dream team to get top dollar for your used vehicles.

With LeasePlan as your fleet partner, you also have access to vehicle management experts who can help you determine if your fleet would benefit from other vehicle management services a la carte, such as title, registration and fuel management.

Lease vs. reimbursement

When weighing your options whether to lease your fleet vehicles, reimburse your drivers or both, there are many variables to consider in order to select the best solution for your company and drivers. These key points will help you make an educated decision between these strategies.

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