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The choice is yours

Check out our services

The choice is yours

We want to keep your company moving forward. Let’s have a look at how we can help you. From online tools to complete sustainability programs.

We offer the right balance to help you in:

  • Reducing costs
  • Keeping your employees happy
  • Working toward a greener planet

Always thinking of what's next, for you. Whether you’re looking for a short- or long-term solution, we’re flexible. And so are our services. It's up to you.

Sustainability strategy

At LeasePlan, we’re committed to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, and we strive to realise this not only through vehicle service offerings and our business operations, but also as part of our business culture.

Start electric

Driving electric is easier now than ever before. With lower battery, energy and maintenance costs, the cost of driving an electric vehicle is becoming attractive.

LeasePlan offers a wide variety of electric vehicles, home and office charging solutions and implementation services. Our end-to-end solution takes the hassle out of switching to and managing an EV.

Learn more about how LeasePlan can help you go electric. 

Online fleet management. Less paperwork, less hassle for you.

All of your fleet details online. In one safe place. So you can arrange most things online. Any time. Anywhere.

We have fast online tools for:

  • Cost analysis and ordering
  • Invoicing
  • Fleet reporting
  • And much more!

Learn more about the next generation of fleet reporting.

Introducing MyLeasePlan.

Your drivers will have access to their own online tool through our driver app, MyLeasePlan. Using the app, drivers can find a nearby fuel or maintenance provider, record their mileage or improve their OneScore. See our solution for drivers.

Making everyone’s life easier. So everyone can focus on the things that matter.

Interested? Call 800 951-9024.

Consultancy Services.What’s the next step for you?

Reviewing your company’s mobility. Improving sustainability. Reducing fleet costs. And ultimately optimizing your fleet. Let us help make this complex process easier for you. We have a dedicated team of consultants. Worldwide. Offering tailormade solutions.

Together we will look at what’s next for you:

  • Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Without compromizing your fleet’s performance

  • Developing benchmarking studies

    To track your competitors and compare them to your company

  • Reducing CO2 emissions and producing a greener fleet

    By reviewing your mobility budget, vehicle choice and driver behavior

  • Engaging your employees. Keeping them happy and mobile

    For increased productivity and lower employee turnover

Learn more

Choose LeasePlan for fleet outsourcing. The ultimate in fleet management.

We understand what's next in cars. In mobility. And technology. So why not let us take care of keeping your company on the move. We will take all the hassle away.

Fleet Outsourcing Your own team of LeasePlan fleet managers. Experts in managing your fleet. They are here for you and your employees. For advice. Or if any problems arise. But they will also take control of all the paperwork.

Would you like us to help you move forward?

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