Rethinking Telematics

Are you prepared for the telematics transition?


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The convergence of telematics and your business processes is a leap forward for fleet managers and business owners who support them.

Whether you're thinking about taking the first steps or ready to hit the ground running with your telematics implementation, your CRM infrastructure and business rules engines may still need work.

Here, it's a good idea to take inventory of your internal systems to ensure your infrastructure is ready to go so you can avoid missteps and costly rework down the road.

Here's what to expect from Rethinking Telematics

    Welcome to the era of CRM-driven telematics

    Explore how to integrate your telematics solution with your CRM using a geo-productivity platform, such as LeasePlan’s telematics offering, powered by GeoTab.

    Increase your organization's productivity and efficiency

    Integrating telematics data and your CRM allows sales or service drivers to see more customers, sell more and increase customer satisfaction as they drive company vehicles.

    Maximize your systems to create happy customers

    Learn how with an integrated telematics system, you can prioritize sales and service calls based on customer need and opportunity, therefore driving revenue and improving customer engagement.

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