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For drivers: mobile app keeps drivers and vehicles on-the-go

OneScore - in the app - empowers your drivers

Most drivers simply perform their daily, weekly, and monthly routines without much thought into whether they're doing the right things as a company car driver. OneScore empowers drivers to be the best fleet driver they can be by giving them a way to know whether they were doing the right things and educating them on what to do better to change their ways.

This tool monitors activities across three categories – Safety, Efficiency and Compliance – and lets drivers know how they can be safer, more efficient, and in turn, reduce fleet costs. All fleet activity is combined into one easy-to-read score with the ability to drill down to see how they compare to other drivers.

Always easy to use. Tells me where to get oil changes. Elle is pretty cool, too.

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Conveniently manage your company vehicle's daily tasks:

    Log personal miles

    Drivers have access to their personal mileage reporting 24/7 to help your organization stay in tax compliance and streamline your reporting.

    Find nearby gas stations or repair shops

    When your driver's fleet vehicle needs fuel or an oil change, our app is there to help. We point them to the closest gas station, and can guide them to the nearest in-network maintenance facility.

    Just ask Elle, our virtual assistant

    A chat with her provides quick and easy access to important vehicle, registration, and fleet-related information.

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