What is OneConnect?

Make the right decisions at the right time with this cloud-based one-stop telematics solution that offers the value of vehicle data enriched with your own fleet data. OneConnect makes it easier than ever to monitor driver behavior, fuel costs, maintenance trends and expenses all in one convenient location.

  • Route mapping and journey data. You'll have access to route data, including miles driven and time traveled for each vehicle in your fleet.

  • Driver safety and risk. From seat belts to speeding events, we'll take what we know about your drivers' behaviors and layer that into a proprietary OneScore algorithm to determine just how risky your drivers are.

  • Fuel tracking and efficiency. Visualize your fuel costs and how they make be affected by driver behavior, including harsh acceleration, braking and idling. The OneConnect platform makes it easy to take back control.

Making data work for you

With configurable solutions to meet your needs, LeasePlan's connected vehicles program puts integrated telematics data at your fingertips, empowering you to enhance your fleet operations.


Reduce cost and risk with telematics

Whether you rely on telematics data to proactively flag your cars and trucks for maintenance, track vehicle location, manage fuel use, monitor driving habits to improve safety, or meet compliance requirements, we have the solution for you.

We've developed an unparalleled offering to ensure you're always getting the best return from your telematics spend. With actionable insights from our interactive dashboards giving an instant snapshot of fleet performance, this data also allows you to reduce cost and risk in the longer term. One of our clients managed to reduce its incident rate by 31 percent with the use of telematics. 

Our solutions are developed in partnership with Otonomo and Geotab, global leaders in telematics technology, to give you the best telematics solution for your fleet.

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