Simultaneously reduce exposure and consolidate payments

Our team of experts makes this complex area simpler by managing most of the title and registration process for you and your drivers. No more time wasted at the DMV or DDS, or extra money spent paying late fees.



With LeasePlan's electronic toll payment program, many fleets realize up to 50% savings on administrative costs. You can enjoy a new-found freedom, complete with reduced risk and lowered toll costs. TollPlan offers a way to consolidate multiple accounts, report on activity and efficiently process toll payments. 

TollPlan includes:

  • Automatic vehicle registration with toll authorities
  • Coordination of toll equipment fulfillment and communication to drivers
  • Toll account and payment management
  • Toll violation disputes for enrolled vehicles
  • Detailed reports tracking toll activity by vehicle, toll authority, day and time


Fleet violations are on the rise, adding excess costs and risk for your company. If you're having trouble with violations management, you're not alone. LeasePlan offers an electronic solution that makes it easier to manage toll, parking and traffic camera tickets. With ViolationsPlan, you get:

  • Management of all vehicle-issued violations for the fleet
  • Transfer of liability to the responsible drivers, when possible
  • Payment of fines when transfer of liability is not possible
  • Cost-recovery for violation-related expenses
  • Online access to detailed violaton activity reports and payment status
  • Driver portal to manage fleet violations

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