Lease vs. Purchase

A decision guide for your fleet vehicles

Leasing vs. purchasing your company vehicles

Leasing vs. purchasing your company vehicles

Sometimes, it’s a fairly even fight. Sometimes, it’s an absolute no-brainer. In most cases – whether they’re cargo vans or sedans – leasing tends to beat purchasing, hands down.

It’s important to work with your organization to effectively evaluate how leasing could affect your fleet and the rest of your business. While our leasing experts can help you understand the unique benefits of each lease product, LeasePlan does not advise clients on taxation, accounting or legal matters.

By fully understanding your company’s financial goals, you will be better equipped to determine which option is right for your company.

Here's what to expect from Lease vs. Purchase

  1. Finance_LConfused about how you pay for the usage of the vehicle?

    When you lease, you pay for the usage of the vehicle, a lease rate, an administrative fee and for any other optional services that a leasing company provides.

  2. Return keys_LAren't there are more options than just buying and leasing fleet vehicles?

    Yes! We'll go into detail on other options like open-end TRAC leases, closed-end or hybrid leases, and others.

  3. Prime Selection_LWhy invest in cars, a depreciating asset?

    Vehicles are highly depreciable. With leasing, your cash can be put to better use, like growing your business.

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