Flexible vehicle financing

When you are deciding how to finance your fleet, you might find your options to be limited. LeasePlan's innovative solutions can help. At LeasePlan, any program you pick comes with online vehicle ordering and fleet experts to ensure you select the most appropriate vehicles, financing options and replacement schedules. See how much you can save in your first year working with LeasePlan by using our Fleet Savings Calculator.

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Financing your fleet



Choose from flexible leasing options.


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Consultancy services

We want to reduce costs, create efficiencies, and make your job as easy as possible.


Understanding vehicle operating costs

The components that make up the total cost of ownership of a vehicle ultimately affect each other. LeasePlan's experts will help you select the vehicles with the highest resale value, and the lowest fuel and maintenance costs. Then, look at the other areas for possible cost-saving opportunities. 

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eBook: Lease vs. Purchase

Lease or purchase comes down to more than cost, so if you discover that each approach is equally cost effective then don't worry. We offer competitive solutions for both! If you'd like some more reading material on the topic you can download our in-depth eBook below. 

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