COVID-19 crisis management for fleets

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How fleet managers can manage the COVID-19 crisis and prepare for what might happen next.
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How fleet managers can manage the COVID-19 crisis and prepare for what might happen next

The current coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented situation, and fleet decision-makers urgently need to develop a clear view of how COVID-19 could impact on their fleet operations in both the short and long term. This includes thinking ahead - because the next phase is increasingly likely to entail not only an economic change, but also new challenges with a lasting effect on public behavior, mobility and existing business models. At LeasePlan, we have identified four decisive steps for you to take right now, including a scenario planning template to help you to stress-test your fleet and prepare for multiple versions of the future.

4 decisive steps to take right now

At this stage of the coronavirus pandemic, most companies have already put a crisis team in place and are doing all they can to keep their employees and customers safe, to continue with 'business as usual' as much as possible, and to deal with the uncertainty amidst constantly changing circumstances. As a fleet manager, you can do your bit (if you have not already done so) but taking the following four decisive steps:

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  • 4.

Need help?

As you start to develop your crisis management plan for your fleet, don't hesitate to contact your regular LeasePlan representative. We are in this situation together, and we're keen to ensure that we all emerge from this crisis as strongly as possible. Therefore, we're on hand to help you review your situation as the basis for deciding on the most effective next steps for you.

Visit our contact page for more information on crisis management and help with scenario planning.

Published at April 29, 2020
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April 29, 2020
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