What is data-driven fleet safety?

94% of all road incidents are caused by driver attitudes and behaviors rather than lack of knowledge.

Imagine a world where you could use data to proactively identify and mitigate risks before they happen. After analyzing your data, you discover that almost 52 percent of your fleet incident costs were due to rear-end collisions.

Leveraging this data, you successfully lower the collision rate by 93 percent per month. And, you save 64 percent in lost-time injuries by implementing a solution that created a positive change in your fleet’s safety.

A data-driven approach to safety enables companies to better predict the level of driving risk and can be customized for individual drivers by including specific variables.

However, this approach requires timely access to data and analysis across multiple data sources. We will discuss these data sources and how to create the positive change within your fleet throughout this eBook.

Setting a new standard for risk management 

    Motor vehicle records

    A basic fleet safety policy would include annual or bi-annual license/motor vehicle record (MVR) checks for all drivers, not just new hires.

    Collisions & incidents

    Managing fleet-related incidents can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming for you and your drivers.

    Risk profile and driving assessment

    Being able to identify your at-risk drivers is a crucial component of a sound fleet risk management strategy.

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