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Tolls & Violations:

Manufacturer News

We are continuing to see order windows close more quickly than ever before. The recent order window for the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado closed only 24 hours after opening.

Based on these trends, order banks that are open 3-4 weeks is now considered a long order window and we expect popular models to stay open less than a week.

Our number one recommendation is to stay closely connected with your Account Team to know when order banks are opening and be ready to place your orders the same day!

We are staying closely connected with our OEM partners and below are some of the updates to be aware of.

MY 2023 Manufacturer Allocations GM models requiring pre-approval:




MY 2023 Cancellations and Closures Impacted clients have been notified






Manufacturer Plant Down Times

Dealer Supply

Vehicle Acquisition

Model Year 2023 continues to bring challenging market conditions, but our teams are ready to share our expertise, analysis, and best practices to help navigate you through ordering. Be sure to contact your CS Representative as you prepare!

Current Market Conditions:

General Motors

GMC will have allocation for the following models

Silverado/Sierra order banks open May 26, 2022 - GM has increased capacity but still expects early cutoff.

Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia are now cutoff due to heavy order volume – any orders placed for these models after May are at risk of cancellation.


Ford will have allocation for the following models – expected to lessen the order “rush”


Toyota will have allocation on all models


At this time, they have not released any information regarding the 2023 MY, but they are expecting late order bank opening


At this time, no order banks are opening. Crosstreks opened mid-June, and all others will open late July to late August

Order as early as possible and be flexible! We expect to see supply pressures continue throughout 2022 and possibly early 2023.

Remember to check out our Manufacturer Date Manuals to stay up to date with all order cut off and start up dates.

Repairs & Rental Vehicles

As the time to repair vehicles increases due to part and technician shortages – Length of Rental Vehicles (LOR) continues to increase and is beginning to attribute to an overall rental shortage.

LeasePlan is working closely with our strategic partners to ensure we can handle changes in demand

As we enter vacation season, we can expect this will cause additional pressures. Try to be as proactive as possible if you know a rental vehicle may be needed.

License and Title

Maintenance and Repair

Vehicle Acquisition


Finding Vehicles: Currently, the most challenging vehicles to find are listed below.

Please keep in mind we expect these trends to continue to get worse throughout the year.

Stock Pricing: Please be aware that most (if not all) dealers will not sell vehicles as a fleet sale and are charging over MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)! Dealer Options: We are seeing more dealer-added options on all models to drive up the price.

Factory Ordering

GM Allocation will continue into the 2023 MY for the following vehicles:



Any order bank could close at any time.

Upfitting/Upfit Design

Fuel Pricing

With fuel prices at an all-time high, be sure you and your drivers are prepared.

Here are some steps you can take to stay on top of costs:

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.

While you can’t control the price at the pump, what you can control is how you drive – be sure to share these 9 fuel saving tips with your drivers.

Maintenance and Repair

Better service and savings with our National Account Maintenance partners. With the new MyLeasePlan app, as well as our trusted network of National Account service vendors nationwide, LeasePlan’s maintenance program helps deliver savings and increases driver productivity. LeasePlan’s network of National Accounts can save you an average of 30% per transaction!

Plus, the new MyLeasePlan app makes it easy for drivers to search, locate, and get directions to nearby National Account locations. Drivers will even receive in-app notifications when services such as preventative maintenance are due so they can stay safe and productive.
Check out the list below for qualified companies in the LeasePlan maintenance and repair network.

License & Title News

Did you know? December and January make up almost 25% of our total registration renewal volume. In December, we hit our highest on time renewal rate at 97.5%.

Michigan is our largest volume state for renewals in the month of February and almost all LeasePlan Michigan drivers have registrations expiring this month - 99% have been applied for or are already renewed!

We are continuing to closely monitor renewal turnaround times for states and DMVs throughout the country. Below are some of the high impact areas you and your drivers should know about:

Vehicle Acquisition Strategy

As we begin to plan for the 2023 Model Year, we’re staying connected with the major manufacturers weekly.

Some early forecasts that we believe you can expect are:

  • 1.
  • 2.

If you’re expecting significant growth or replacements for your fleet this year, we encourage you to check out our pre-configured vehicle options!

Introducing our new Nissan Pre-Configured Vehicles available now for delivery in Q1 and Q2.

LeasePlan has acquired 3,600 Nissans that will be available exclusively to our customers for lease or long-term rental.

Interested in adding pre-configured Nissans to your fleet? Email us to reserve your spot on the list today and we’ll connect you with your client success partner for more information!

Models available – ready for delivery in Q1 and Q2:

Available in 6 different markets across the US and ability to transport at cost:

Multiple finance options available to fit your needs:

Long term: Closed or Open-ended lease Short term: FlexiPlan rental

FlexiPlan offers:

Planning to go green? Check out these trends and tips:

In 2021, LeasePlan USA’s electric vehicles on the road increased by 69%. Across these 1,800+ vehicles we saw:

As you begin planning, it’s important to know that the lower production levels for Model Year 2023 are expected to have a big impact on the availability of electric vehicles as well.

While some manufacturers will increase production for EV’s in 2023, most manufacturers expect Model Year 2024 to bring much more availability for fleet electrification.

Vehicle Manufacturer News

The ongoing supply chain shortage continues to impact vehicle manufacturer timelines. We’re seeing an increase in order-to-delivery timelines across most manufacturers. Here’s what to expect:

Pre-Chip Shortage
Chip Shortage
Order to delivery times
3 months
8 months
Vehicles in transport at any given time
Vehicles on dealer's lot

As production windows and manufacturer plants rapidly change, we’re staying closely connected with our OEM partners. Here’s what we know:

Order Banks Opening Soon


Ram: ProMaster City 11/10/21

Jeep: Cherokee 11/10/21

Subaru: Crosstrek 10/15/21


Order Bank Closures:

GM: closed the order bank mid-day Tuesday (10/5) for the following

Nissan just announced all fleet orders will cutoff 10/21/21

More order bank closures could happen at a moment’s notice – don’t wait to place orders if order banks are still open.

Maintenance News

Are you aware of the maintenance trends that may be impacting your fleet? We’re breaking down some of the need-to-know areas:

**1. **Ongoing parts shortages are increasing repair times and increasing the demand for rental vehicles. Some of the major areas where we’re seeing delays are glass, steel, carpeting and now, even oil filters are becoming harder to get. Delays of a few days are now increasing into weeks as the backlog of shipping containers continue to stack up at the Port of Los Angeles.

“This is the most difficult supply-chain environment that I have ever seen, AutoZone is running the lowest level of in-stock that I can ever remember.” – William Rhodes, AutoZone Inc. Chief Executive Officer.

**2. **Replacement tire expenses have increased by about 5% in 2021. This increase is one of the leading reasons why we’ve seen an overall increase in fleet maintenance spend in 2021 and as travel continues to return “to normal” – most fleets should prepare for this increasing expense.

Higher fuel prices are also impacting the overall cost of tires and maintenance because of the increase in logistics costs to transport parts to retail locations.

License and Title News

We continue to see delays with DMVs across the country. Below are some of the high impact areas:

Remember, if a state requirement or inspection is needed to renew the registration, we recommend your drivers complete it 45- 60 days before expiration to mitigate the delays we’re experiencing with the DMVs.

License and Title Registration News

Our on-time renewal rate has improved quarter over quarter in 2021 and steadily increased to 94% through June. As we continue to stabilize our License & Title program through initiatives like our Keystone project, we’re working towards steadily increasing this percentage.

You can find this report in the fleet reporting tab in ePlan. Email us at for a demo or more information.

Here are some of the states where we’re currently seeing DMV delays or supply chain impacts:

Did you know: LeasePlan services renewals for over 3,000 counties nationwide, and many states have differing requirements or procedures by county.

Additionally, accurate driver data is key in having a smooth registration renewal experience. Make sure driver information is up to date in ePlan including:

If a vehicle is temporarily out of service or has been reassigned, it’s important to let us know!

Out of Stock Ordering

We continue to see a decline in the number of unsold new vehicles available. The end of June brought a record low of 1.13 million vehicles available – down 64% from 2020 and 70% from 2019.

Below you can see the average day supply for vehicles by make. This may be helpful when expanding to like models across other brands.

In addition, July brought a record average listing price for new vehicles – exceeding $41,000 for the first time.

Our #1 recommendation is to prepare to order as soon as the 2022 Model Year opens, so that you can avoid the state of the stock market.

If you have to purchase a vehicle through the out of stock process, these tips will be crucial to locating a new vehicle:


July isn’t just bringing a record high listing price for new vehicles; we’re also seeing a spike in the resale market unlike any we’ve seen in U.S. history.

We predict the returns to continue rising through the end of the summer and stay strong through the end of 2021, which is just another reason to start planning and ordering for Model Year 2022 now.

Out of Stock Ordering

With the average days’ supply at dealerships across the country going from 65 to under 30 (and under 10 for high demand vehicles), finding vehicles on retail lots just got a lot harder.

It’s been reported that we can expect to see about 1.2 million fewer new vehicles built this year. The impact that this supply vs. demand challenge is having on new and used vehicle prices are at historic levels. List prices are up 25% year over year on average, with pricing for trucks up 44%.

If you have to purchase a vehicle through the out of stock process, here are some tips that may help:

License & Title Registration News

Here are some of the states where we’re currently seeing DMV delays or supply chain impacts:

Because we’re seeing so many different delays from state to state and county to county, there’s no “one size fits all” recommendation. We will be keeping you updated monthly on the locations with known delays so you can prepare your drivers.

We recommend working with your account team to review the missing and expired registration report weekly so you're informed on what is nearing expiration and we can partner to better manage exceptions – like a driver that’s missing their inspection.

If you would like a demo or more information on using this report please email us at

Additionally, accurate driver data is key in having a smooth registration renewal experience. Make sure driver information is up to date in ePlan including:

If a vehicle is temporarily out of service or has been reassigned, it’s important to let us know!

Factory Ordering 2022

The essential parts needed to build vehicles are harder to come by these days and we don’t forecast the pressure lifting anytime soon. The semi-conductor chip shortage is forecasted to last through the remainder of 2021 and possible into the first quarter of 2022. Read more about the chip shortage and its global impact here.

The best way to combat the reduction of new vehicles produced and available is to start planning and ordering for 2022 now.