Athene is the Lead Investor in the Combination of LeasePlan USA with Wheels Donlen

This combination creates a strong competitor in mobility, which will allow Wheels Donlen and LeasePlan USA to provide enhanced solutions to corporate fleets. Benefitting from added scale, materially increased investment capacity, and differentiated capabilities, the combined company will be better positioned to service customers and facilitate growing trends towards electric vehicles and digital technologies.

The advantages of the combined company and Athene ownership:

If you have any questions or concerns about what this means for your fleet, please reach out to your Customer Experience representative.

We're improving our L&T processes!

L&T Communications - Paper to digital!

Next month, LeasePlan is implementing exciting technical improvements to our L&T process in an effort to increase on-time Renewals.

These improvements include new intelligent communications that allow us to:

Going forward, drivers will now receive all important L&T information digitally via email instead of via mail.

To ensure we can successfully communicate time- sensitive reminders to your drivers, please review and update all driver email addresses in ePlan. Keep in mind that these email addresses must be tied to a single driver and cannot be tied to a group mailbox.

L&T Renewals - Even in the shop!

Last month, we integrated a new L&T process improvement that allows us to proceed with the Renewal requests when a vehicle is within 90 days of expiration while in the shop.

This is a huge time saver for drivers. In the first month of having this improvement in place, we were able to successfully move 439 vehicles through this process! That means:

We look forward to bringing you more enhancements throughout 2022!

Access our new ePlan feature: Toll Management

If you are enrolled in Toll Management services, you can use the new Toll Management Tab to create a Driver Authorization Letter, or access details like enrollment date, transponder details, tracking number, and more!

Join us for May's Client Connect call to hear more about the Accident Management and Repair Industry Trends for Q2.

Considering going electric?

LeasePlan's product team took an EV road trip to NAFA

Join us at our May Client Connect to learn more about electrifying your fleet!

Now offering bulk ordering discounts on all Nissans

LeasePlan is now offering bulk ordering discounts on all Nissans. These discounts will bring most vehicle pricing close to (and in some cases below) invoice pricing.

Please see the discount incentives below.

Contact your Client Success partner today to secure Nissan vehicles.

Check out our new and improved L&T insights

Get greater insights into your renewals with our new L&T dashboard

We are excited to announce we recently released the new License and Title Interactive Dashboard in ePlan. The dashboard contains charts, summary data and detailed reports on several important Registration Renewals data points including:

Here’s a quick look at the new dashboard showcasing your renewals completed and in queue by month and your renewals currently in process or expired.

The dashboard also includes sections outlining your outstanding action items.

To access the new dashboard, simply visit the Interactive Dashboards tab in ePlan.

Coming soon! Updates to the Missing and Expired Registration Report

We’re working on a new and improved Missing and Expired Registration Report. The report will contain the same great information but will have an updated look and feel, making it easier to keep track of all vehicles with missing license plate information or expired registration dates.

By using the report, you can:

Did you know? By utilizing the Tags Nearing Expiration report and acting on any state requirements as early as possible, you greatly reduce the number of vehicles expired due to state-required inspections not being completed on time.

As you look for ways to streamline operations, check out how to best utilize other popular reports in ePlan!

Increase fleet efficiencies with OneConnect

OneConnect enhances your fleet productivity while keeping your drivers moving forward with actionable data and key insights all on a single platform.

With OneConnect you get:

Watch the video below!

MyLeasePlan enhancements are coming your way

With the upcoming MyLeasePlan release, your drivers will get Personal Mileage Reporting capabilities like never before – including a simplified user interface and easier options for reporting mileage.

Watch the video below to learn more!

The upgrades to the Personal Mileage Reporting tool will improve your drivers’ experience. The new release features:

Introducing our new Emergency Roadside partner!

We are excited to announce we’ve transitioned to a new towing vendor, Roadside Protect! Earlier this year, we saw a decline in service levels and driver satisfaction specific to our towing services. After reviewing the feedback, we decided it was time to change vendors. What makes Roadside Protect the best solution:

For the fastest service, have important info ready when you call for a tow!

When calling for a tow, drivers should have the following information ready to ensure speedier service and dispatch.

Once the towing service is complete, please fill out the survey so we can be aware of opportunities for improvement.

Are you taking advantage of the tools ePlan offers this ordering season?

Have you seen our new ePlan resources? Our Ordering Series helps you best utilize the tools that make ordering easy and efficient. Be sure to check out the best practices, expert tips and how-to videos!

To receive more ePlan expert tips straight to your inbox, email us at

Give your drivers the most interactive experience with the MyLeasePlan App

Our mechanics have been busy improving the MyLeasePlan app to give your drivers the tools to stay in the know and on the road. Our latest release included some exciting updates:

Improved order to delivery emails, including even more "need-to-know" info!

In July, we updated our Order to Deliver emails to drivers. These emails now include extra information on what drivers can expect with their initial registration.

There are also two different communications – depending on who is completing the registration (LeasePlan or the Dealer). These communications provide drivers with clear next steps and what to expect throughout the registration process.

This update was implemented based on direct feedback from drivers asking for help to better prepare for vehicle pickup. We look forward to continuing to measure how these improvements impact overall driver satisfaction with new vehicle delivery.

Meet our new Vice President, License and Title - Randy Purvis

LeasePlan is delighted to announce that Randy Purvis is the new Vice President of License & Title.

Randy brings with him over 25 years of business and operations management experience, with almost 12 years in the automotive title and registration industry. He has demonstrated success in executive-level management, including leadership positions at multi-billion-dollar international organizations like Reynolds and Reynolds, Assurant, FedEx and BHP. During his time at FDI/DealerTrack and Secure Title Administration, he led large teams that managed over 20M automotive titles and supported high volume workflows for the auto finance community, including several thousand financial institutions nationwide, to provide title and registration services for their portfolios.

We are confident that Randy’s industry knowledge and expertise will help us significantly as we continue sharpening our own L&T services.

"I am excited to be taking on the role of Vice President, Operations – License & Title at LeasePlan. My experience in the auto title space strongly compliments the processes and strategies LeasePlan has in place, and I am looking forward to contributing to the success and growth of the organization!I am anticipating many opportunities as we start to look at things differently, bring in new products, and adapt to the ever-evolving world around us. I look forward to meeting and working with many of our customers, partners and vendors," - Randy Purvis.

Living out the Customer First culture at LeasePlan!

This year, we introduced a new way of rewarding the LeasePlan teams that exemplify the Customer First attitude - consistently putting our customers at the heart of everything they do - when interacting with internal or external customers.

Each month, one team is selected from the nominations and recognized for how they contribute to the Customer First culture at LeasePlan.

Meet our latest winners:

New ePlan resources to make managing your fleet anytime, anywhere easier

You said: Online tips & training for ePlan would be helpful.

We listened: We launched our first two tutorial series – working with drivers & working with vehicles!

Working with driver and vehicle records are two of the most frequently requested areas within ePlan so we want to be sure you’re equipped with the tools to:

July will be the start to our new series - Vehicle Ordering!

Reach out to your account team if you would like to receive ePlan tips & tutorials each month!

In addition, we also have some exciting features coming to ePlan this year so stay tuned for more news!

Your drivers' satisfaction matters!

You said: Driver satisfaction is important to you.

We listened: We partnered with a new glass repair vendor in 2021 to deliver an all-around better driver experience!

In 2020, we began to notice a slight dip in performance and driver satisfaction with our Glass Repair vendor and started researching other vendors. In 2021, we changed to our new vendor and here are just a few of the improvements that we’ve seen so far:

We’ve also been evaluating some of our other vendor relationships this year, so you can expect to hear more in the coming months about areas we’re anticipating improvement!

Introducing Chris Watkins, new head of operations

LeasePlan USA is very excited to be welcoming Chris Watkins to the position of executive vice president, operations. Watkins brings with him experience from 12 years in executive leadership roles at Assurant along with a further 17 years working at Hewlett Packard. This experience brings a deep understanding of customer focused business operations with a focus on process improvement through clear metrics, enhanced performance and the use of technology.

As LeasePlan USA looks to continually improve the level of service it provides for its customers, the choosing of an individual of Watkins' caliber in this position serves to further this ambition and solidifies LeasePlan's position as an industry leader.

Meet Chris virtually at our Client Connect meeting this month on June 24th at 12pm EST.

A word from Chris Watkins

"I am thrilled to be joining the LeasePlan team as executive vice president, operations. I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and eager to contribute to the journey as we help clients navigate through the evolving trends in fleet management, electrification of fleets, car-as-a-service, and other connected value-add services.

I am looking forward to working with our employees, customers and partners as we continue to ensure delivery and continuous improvement of the LeasePlan brand promise."