2022 Q3 Updates

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Vehicle Acquisition - Sep 22

Factory Ordering

General Motors Allocation:

Ford Allocation:




Lead times for stock requests are currently 30-60 days due to:

This will continue to be very fluid as the year progresses.

Fleet Trends: LeasePlan and Automotive Fleet Magazine

Matt Dyer, CEO and President of LeasePlan USA, joins Mike Antich, Automotive Fleet Magazine, to discuss the top upcoming fleet trends in 2023 and beyond – including EVs, connected vehicles, and supply chain and cost challenges.

Collision Repair Trends and Implications: Mid-Year Update

This trends summary from CCC Intelligent Solutions includes updates pertaining to gas price projections, collision claim frequency, average repair costs, replacement parts costs, labor trends, repair times, vehicle values, and more!

Vehicle Acquisition - Aug 22

This year continues to bring challenging market conditions, but our teams are ready to share our expertise, analysis, and best practices to help you navigate ordering.

Factory Ordering

General Motors Allocation:

Ford Allocation:



Order Banks


General Motors

Remember: any order bank could close at any time.


Vehicles that are the most challenging to find are:

These trends are going to continue to worsen as the year progresses.

Dealer Relations

Ford pricing changes

As your trusted fleet management partner, we wanted to inform you of a recent update we received from Ford.

In the past, Ford has offered a 1.5% credit to factory invoices as part of its "Floor Plan Assistance Program" for Ford internal combustion engine ("ICE") vehicles. As part of its new strategy and repositioning in the marketplace, Ford has unfortunately modified its program and reduced pricing incentives on ICE vehicles - effective April 1, 2022. It is our understanding that Ford's pricing policy change is impacting all fleet management companies and dealers.

Moving forward, please expect the following:

At this time, this is the only vehicle manufacturer to take this path. Other OEMs are still honoring their fleet credits and we continue sharing those benefits with you. We will be glad to work with you to find viable alternative vehicles from OEMs who are still offering such credits.

We will continue to stay closely connected to our OEM partners and keep you updated on any further changes.

Should you have any questions regarding the Ford incentive reductions, please reach out to your Customer Success representative.

Vehicle Acquisition

This year continues to bring challenging market conditions, but our teams are ready to share our expertise, analysis, and best practices to help you navigate ordering and extended order-to-delivery timelines.

New model ordering

Prepare for these order banks opening soon - order as early as possible and be flexible.

Vehicle ETAs

The ongoing supply chain shortage continues to impact vehicle manufacturer timelines and we’re seeing an increase in order-to-delivery timelines across most manufacturers.

We will keep your drivers informed on order-to-delivery timelines via monthly emails. Please remind drivers to be on the lookout for this notification in their inboxes.

License & Title News


Tolls & Violations:

Manufacturer News

We are continuing to see order windows close more quickly than ever before. The recent order window for the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado closed only 24 hours after opening.

Based on these trends, order banks that are open 3-4 weeks is now considered a long order window and we expect popular models to stay open less than a week.

Our number one recommendation is to stay closely connected with your Account Team to know when order banks are opening and be ready to place your orders the same day!

We are staying closely connected with our OEM partners and below are some of the updates to be aware of.

MY 2023 Manufacturer Allocations

General Motors models requiring pre-approval:




MY 2023 Cancellations and Closures Impacted clients have been notified






Manufacturer Plant Down Times

Dealer Supply

Published at July 2, 2022
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July 2, 2022
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